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Hi Guys! I am an aspiring writer who enjoys uplifting others. My daily goal is to be a light in this dark world. I pray this encourages you!

Even on A Bad Day, God Is Still Good!

Although this quote sounds a tab bit cliche, it is very true. As many if not all of you know, the flu has been spreading like wild fire this year and it has been claiming many lives. Well this week I found out my four year old son was diagnosed with the flu. I’ve never had the flu in my life and neither had he until this year. We never get the flu shot for my own personal reasons even in past years so this year was no different. My son got sick on Sunday night and seemed to be getting worse on Tuesday. So that afternoon I took him to the doctor. With a quick swab the doctor came in and said he had the flu. Influenza type A to be exact. I could not believe this my mouth dropped. Immediately my thoughts went to all those kids who lost their lives due to flu this year and I immediately started praying for my baby. The doctor reassured me that he would be fine since I caught this illness early and gave me a prescription for Tamiflu.

I remembered seeing all these posts online about shortages of the drug or the price being too high for most to afford. I went to our normal pharmacy and they informed me they were all out of the drug and its generic version. They also informed me that all the CVS stores in the area had no Tamiflu. I started to panic but kept praying. So I immediately got on the phone and started calling different pharmacies near my home. After calling about eight stores, I finally found a store with a full stock of Tamiflu and its generic. I hung up and immediately told the lady I was on my way. Once I got to the store to get Tamiflu, I was then worried about the price. I gave the pharmacist my insurance information and he informed me my prescription would only be $5. All I could do was thank God. I was worried if my child would have any adverse side effects to Tamiflu but if anything it helped him a lot with the flu symptoms.

I say all of this to say that I considered Tuesday a bad day, but even on this bad day, God was still good! He took a bad situation and still allowed it to work in my favor. Although I missed some days out of work, I know God’s hand was at work in mine and my son’s life. I could not have asked for a better outcome and I consider myself extremely blessed because things could have gone another way. This week, I had to remind myself, that God never told us that weapons wouldn’t form against us, he just promised us that they would never prosper. So with all this in mind, the next time you are going through a tough situation, just remember, with God, all days are good days. Some days you just have to look harder to find the good.

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Get The Lesson In The Test.

My family has a weekly Bible Study that has been going on for decades. When I was a child I went often with my grandparents but now as an adult, I never get a chance to visit the class as often as I’d like. Well this week since I had a different schedule, I was able to sit in on a class, and it helped me realize so much. Not only did I learn new things about the Bible that I never knew, but I also learned how all those years when I was “forced” to go to this class as a child, I should’ve been realizing how fortunate I was instead of rushing the time away on those Monday nights. Just looking around that room this week, I realized how fortunate I was to be surrounded by so much wisdom. People that had seen such highs and lows in life but were still living and coming weekly to give God their time. People who had the principles on how to live a successful life and keep God first. During that meeting I got this revelation. Many times in life, we get some of our best lessons, through tests.

How many of us can be honest and say that we hate most of the testing periods that God gives us. Especially those tests that are really long and hard and our impatience just wants us to rush through them to obtain a blessing on the other side. While this is likely true, a blessing is usually on the other side of a test. But we forget, in order to obtain that blessing and also to be able to handle the blessing, we have to use those lessons from the test. I remember when I was a kid, I hated going to school all day just to go to Bible study at night then get home just to go to bed. I didn’t really see the good in going weekly and I just didn’t like it. I wasn’t trying to learn anything, I tried to get out of going any way I could. Although this wasn’t a test, I realize now God had me there because it was things he needed me to see during that time. He had to keep me there so I could learn some valuable life lessons even if I didn’t see it at the time. When we go through tests its the same thing, we don’t want to be in test and we spend some much time complaining about the test, that we forget to get the lesson.

Many times we forget to be patient until it’s our time. We forget that many times we have to show ourselves faithful doing the test. When things are not going our way, when we are not getting what we really want in order for God to know we are ready for the next level. One thing I’ve learned in life is that, those hard lessons we try to rush away are the very ones that make us successful. I say all of this to encourage you not matter where you are in life. Wherever you are right now, God wants you there for a reason so instead of complaining about how much you don’t want to be there, focus on getting the lesson from this test.

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Stop Waiting, And Start Working!

How many of us have something we want God to do for us right now? How many people are waiting on something. Really something you’ve considered yourself waiting patiently on for a while. I know I’ve been in this place in life before, really I’m in this place now. I’ve been in this place a few times in my life and I’ve found out a secret to speed up the waiting process. The secret is simple, while you wait, you need to be working. We all know the scripture, “Faith without works is dead”. This is true. You have to really break down that phrase and understand the full meaning. Lets say you want a new job, while you are waiting on that new job, you can’t sit idle. You have to be busy everyday looking for a job, filling out applications, and making important connections. You have to be busy praying everyday for this job. The other side to this work is to get busy! Literally get busy doing the things that God has called you to do. Many times we are waiting on God when God is waiting on us. While you are waiting on your new employer to call you, get busy doing the things that God has called you to do. I can’t tell you what God has called you to do, it could be starting a business, writing a book, or even something as small as reading more and becoming more disciplined.

If you get busy working, before you know it, the thing you’ve been waiting for and praying on, will be knocking at your door in no time. Once God sees you doing your part and working on the things he’s told you to work on, he will go ahead and send you your blessing because he sees that you are ready for it. This process could speed up your blessing in the natural and even if it doesn’t come any sooner, you will feel like it did, because you’ve been busy working. Then while you are busy working, once you walk into that thing you’ve  been waiting for, you will be a better person than you were before you got it. You will be better mentally, physically, and spiritually. I’m not sure what you could be waiting on today. You may be waiting on a job, a significant other, a baby, money, or maybe a loved one to return home. No matter what you are waiting on, work while you wait and watch God show up and do even more than you ever asked of him. Get busy about doing God’s work and God will get busy blessing you more than you can imagine.

The human mind and our emotions, wants us to sit around sulking and sad while waiting on our blessings. The devil wants us to be sad, crying and depressed but this is not God’s plan. God wants us to be persistent. He wants us to reach our goals and perfect our craft. But at the same time he wants to be sure we are ready to walk in what we have been waiting for. So today, I challenge you. I’m sure each person reading this is waiting on something, and I’m sure each person reading this has something they have been putting off that God put in their heart to do. So why not start today and put this method to the test. Start working and watch that waiting pool turn into a well a well of blessings. As always thanks for reading, and don’t forget to subscribe.


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Do You Believe In Miracles?!?

How many people actually believe in miracles anymore? If you read the Bible you see in almost every chapter that miracles happened regularly. It seems today we do not see as much of these types of miracles happen right before our eyes. I wonder why this is. Jesus tells us that if we believe, greater works than his shall we do. This makes me think that maybe we don’t believe. When I say something is a miracle, I mean something totally unexpected that happens to you that meets your need or instantly changes your life for the better. Usually miracles provide you with an overflow. I’ve seen a few miracles in my life so I know they are real. In my experience they usually come when you least expect them. I could be down and out and just like that, God sends just what you needed and sometimes even more.

I’ve also seen God work miracles in other peoples lives around me so I am for sure they are real. Many times in the past, I wasn’t even living how I should have been and God still sent me miracles, some I didn’t even ask for. So this prompts me to ask you this question. Do you believe in Miracles? Has God ever done anything for you and it just blew your mind? Lately I’ve been in need of a miracle and although it has not come yet, I am still believing God that it will happen. I know this time I have been living by God’s word and following his plans. I know he sees my faithfulness and my obedience and I believe this miracle, when it comes will blow my mind.

I made this post today for two reasons. One, to tell you that if you are in need of a miracle, hold on and keep the faith because it’s coming. Many times God steps in right at what we consider to be the last minute. So as long as you hold on and keep the faith, know that your miracle is on the way! The second reason I made this post was to inquire and ask if you even believe in miracles. Maybe you’ve never seen a miracle or maybe you have but it’s been so long ago that you have lost you faith in them. Since this page is all about inspiring others, please feel free to comment below and tell me and all the readers what kinds of miracles you’ve seen in your life, or the lives of others. Also if you are waiting on a miracle, share that with us too. Let’s increase each others faith and get in position for our breakthrough!

As always, thanks for reading. And don’t forget to expect miracles today!


God Will Make A Way 

Vistas of Hope

Dear Someone,

This letter is for you. You that’s tired and sort of emptied out. You that tomorrow could be the someday you’ve been waiting for. You that want answers but you’re afraid to ask. You that have seen people say to you, “I’m here for you” and then run away as soon as things start to fall apart. You that there were moments you think you won’t survive and then you survive. You that’s allowing your fears to decide your future. I want you to know that whatever it is that you are going through, they have an expiry date.

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“I Will Not Fail You!”

This phrase from the thirteenth chapter of Hebrews has been in my spirit lately. In this chapter God promises he will in no way ever fail us or leave us without support. Many of us think we are alone daily because we lack physical help or support but God’s word has promised us as our father, he will never leave us alone without support. This made me think about the love I have for my child as an earthly parent. Lately I’ve been trying to obtain a new level of success, I’ve been feeling like in some ways I’m failing my son. In reality, I’m not I’m just being hard on myself right now. I’m pushing myself so that I will never have to fail him. I want to forever be his biggest supporter and greatest asset. This took me back to think about all the times I felt so alone and God never failed me. All the times when my situation looked hopeless and God stepped right in and did more than I ever asked of him.

This point made me remember that you have to be down and out before God can step in and work a miracle or before we can feel like he is going to fail us. If I never got in those situations where I could have failed, how would I know for sure that God won’t fail me? Look at David in the lions den. Although David was thrown into the lions den, God still didn’t fail him. God closes the mouths of those hungry lions and Daniel slept peacefully because he took God at his word. But if Daniel was never thrown into that Lions Den, how would he know that God wouldn’t fail him or leave him without support? It’s something to think about it.

I say all of this to say, no matter what you’re going through, remember God will in no way fail you or leave you without support. No matter how dark it might look, remember it’s darkest before the dawn. That moment when you feel hopeless and you’ve exhausted every option know that’s when God will step in and blow your mind. People may fail you, but remember God never will, trust him.

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Trust & Obey

These last few weeks, I’ve been reading and thinking on a lot. I finished the book of Exodus this weekend and that is partly what promoted me to do this post. Many of us say we love God and that we want all the blessings he had for us, but yet when he tells us to do something we either don’t obey or we obey slowly. In this walk with God we have to learn how to trust and obey him. We need to trust and obey him even when the situation looks like it’s not what we want. If it’s what God wants, then it will work for our good.

How many times has God asked you to do something or not do something and you did it anyone and something bad happened? I can think of a few of those instances. Take the children of Israel for example in the book of Exodus. God promised them he would take them out of bondage and into a land of milk and honey but they had to follow his directions and obey his commandments. After God set them free from Phaoroh and fed them daily manna, they still coudnt obey. They disobeyed God so much that they never mad it into this land of milk and honey. The stayed in the wilderness for many years and died there when they were only supposed to be there for a few days. And the main reason for them not making it, was disobedience. While God does have grace and mercy, after a while he will stop giving you all those chances. He gets tired too. Also we have to remember that God is a gentlemen, he’s not gonna force his way into your life or force you to obey his word, he gives us free will.

I was talking to my best friend last night and I told her I was considering moving. I told her I liked the city I was in but I wanted to be closer to more family at this point. As we went on talking and I kept thinking, I told her I know God sent me here to this city by myself because he had to break me. I was way to dependent on people and he had to break me from that and some other things. He had to teach me some lessons. We serve a jealous God and he wants nothing before him.

With that being said, just think back on what God has been asking you to do lately. Have you been ignoring him out of fear? You can ignore God all you want and try to run, but you will never get to your land of milk and honey until you obey his commands and pass the test he is trying to give you. How quick or slow you get to your promise land is totally up to you. God will take you around the same circles over and over again until you get it. Once you get it, take those things you’ve learned and apply them to your life once you get to that land of milk and honey. The land will be different for all of us, it will be your land of abundance. Stop struggling and barely getting by and obey God’s voice. If you think he’s not telling you to do anything, you’re just not listening. Trusting his word and believing that he will keep his promises is necessary but until you obey his voice, you will never get those promises. So the next time God asks you to do something, obey him quickly. That one act of obedience could lead to that breakthrough you’ve been praying about.

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Peace Is Priceless!

Can I be honest and say this past week has been a bit rough for me? It seemed that everything that could go wrong did. My son was sick and it took the doctors days to realize what was wrong with him. This caused me to have to miss work but yet my co workers kept annoying me with questions at home while I was dealing with personal matters. I will be finishing grad school this week and I had to complete my thesis by this weekend and with a sick child, you can only imagine how hard that was. Regarding this thesis, my professor after giving me some feedback on my paper, said I needed to be more analytical. As you probably can already imagine, by Friday I was at my breaking point. I had absolutely enough of this week and I was ready to say forget this paper and everything else. Deep down, I knew I had come to far to quit and that I simply had to fight through this process because I knew my promise was on the other side pf this test. Needless to say, I made it through the week and I by the grace of God, finished my thesis on time.

Being that I made it through this test I had to be sure I attended church this morning. While sitting in church, I got to thinking. I though about all the things I had been through this week and how despite all the things I was going through, I still had money in my bank account, a nice car to drive, a decent job, and enough clothes and food for me and my son. I had all these material things but yet it seemed in my mind, home, and career, I had no peace. This made me realize how priceless peace is. It made me think about how some of the richest people in the world end their lives because they have none of the most valuable thing their is, peace. There is no way you can buy peace. All the money in the world wont help you obtain one ounce of it. Most times we get so caught up in chasing money that we forget the most important thing peace. Having what some people perceive as a good job or a nice home mean nothing if you don’t have any peace there. So with that being said, I have taken a valuable lesson away from this week. Instead of pursuing what pays me the most money, I will pursue peace because at the end of the day, that is what matters most. That is what will keep you sane through the hard times. That peace is what will keep a smile on your face, even when things are falling apart all around you. So this week, as I go out to seek new job opportunities, if I happen to accept a job that people around me do not view as “good” or “better” than what I have, I will remember that as long as I have peace about it, that is what matters. Peace is priceless and we should pursue this over all.

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