Does anyone else besides me struggle with patience? We seem to have God on a time frame and we want him to move when we want him to move. When we pray for something we expect it to happen right then. It’s almost as if we get up off of our knees and expect everything to change right then and there. Yes sometimes God does answer our prayers quickly but other times he makes us wait. Anytime God is making us wait, it is always for a reason. In most cases after the wait, greater joy than we could ever imagine will follow. But in order to get to this joy we have to wait on God and be patient. We expect God to be so patient with us but we get upset when he doesn’t move as quickly as we want him to. We have plenty of bad habits we won’t put down and we know God is asking us to buy yet we take our time and expect God to be patient and understanding with us. Yet, when we pray to God for something we get upset and rush him. Unlike us, he is not just dragging his feet, he is making sure everything is in line before he releases our blessing because everything God does is perfect. Maybe you’ve been praying for a new job, an increase in your finances, a significant other, or maybe even a healing. God could come through and answer your prayer tonight and work on your behalf while you are asleep, but even if he does not, be patient. Think about everytime God told you to cut someone out of your life and you couldn’t do it because it was hard for you and you expected God to be patient and wait on you. Didn’t he wait? I can’t tell you when God will answer your prayer but I can tell you that he will come through with an answer. I can’t even promise you that you will like the answer but I can promise he is working everything for your good. I can’t tell you why God is making you wait, but I can promise you he will step in at just the right time. So the next time God is making you wait, remember all those years he was waiting on you to even acknowledge him, yet he still kept you.

Thanks for Reading,