This blog post is going to be another personal one as I am sure you guys can tell by the topic. This post is all about the moment I really knew I was in love with God. Why is it that most people only skim the surface of God’s love? They never really go deep enough in him to get all he has for them. We put some much of our trust time and attention into these earthly people who will surely fail us. It seems many of us search for a lifetime in all the wrong places just looking for a love that God is freely willing to give. I am also guilty of this myself. When I was younger, I never felt complete. I needed love and attention from a man to make me feel loved or whole. But the one thing I kept noticing is that they kept failing me, they kept falling short of what I expected to be. The love I was looking for they could never seem to provide. They always fell short because I was giving them a task that only God could take on.

Once God saw I couldn’t get the hint myself, he isolated me. Isolated me from men and all these men that didnt mean me any good. Did you know that God can isolate you when he feels you are becoming too dependent on people? He did this to me and in the beginning I hated it. You know what this forced me to do? This isolation forced me to depend on God because he stripped me of all those people and things I was putting before him. During this time, I have grown so close to God and relinquished my dependence on people. Not saying that I don’t have friends and that I don’t enjoy being around people because I do, but God is first place. He has truly become the head of my life. I go to him about anything first. I don’t seek many outside options on my life or decisions because I van go straight to the source that created me and knows my destiny. No matter what I do or don’t do, he will never leave me or see me go without. He controls every single bird in the air and not one of them falls without his consent so I know he will provide for me.  Knowing all this, how could I not fall in love with God? It took one day for me to realize that I had been in love this whole time and never knew it.

The moment I realized I had fallen in love was the day I chose to start giving up things I loved because I knew they were not of God and they threatened my walk with him. When your significant other asks you not to do something because it is hindering your relationship, you do it usually quickly because you don’t want to lose thing person. Why can’t we do this for God? What is God asking you to give up? Not saying it will be easy to give these things up, but it will be worth it. Anything that we give up for God, he will always replace with something much better than we imagined! I chose to give up secular music. God had been dealing with me about this for some time but I didn’t want to do it. It was almost as if I was in love with this music more than God. One day I decided enough is enough. I chose God over my own fleshly desires. The day that put the icing on the cake, was one day when I met a man that seemed to have all the qualities I was looking for. The only thing he was missing, was a love in his heart for God. At that time I had to make a choice. I had to decide if my own personal desires for a mate, would outweigh my desire to be close with God. Do I even have to tell you that I chose God??

At that moment, it hit me that this whole time I had been in love and I didn’t even know. I decided then that if any relationship meant sabotaging the one I had with God I did not want it. Once you fall in love with God nothing else really matters as much. The love I was looking for, was there the whole time, I just had to open my eyes and my heart, and accept it.

Thanks for Reading,