Have you ever been watching a movie and it got to the best part where the girl was running from the killer and you just knew she was about to get caught, and then suddenly your phone rings? You decide to answer the phone call and by the time you are able to get back to the movie the credits are rolling and you never saw if the girl actually died or not and now you realize you should’ve waited instead of walking away and taking that call. Well that’s exactly how I feel right now about certain things in life. Have you ever felt like giving up but you knew you were so close to your breakthrough that you could taste it? Lately I’ve wanted to quit some things, I’ve wanted to say a lot of things but I hear God saying, “hold on”. I know that if I leave that situation now, I’ll miss the best part. I’ll miss the moment God steps in and works and miracle. I’ll miss the time when he moves on my behalf and completely turns my situation around. Sometimes this waiting period is only a taste. Many of us wonder why we end up taking the same tests over and over. You are taking the test again because you quit on it last time. So I’m here to encourage you to hold on! Just wait a few more seconds and watch what will happen. God is about to turn everything around in your favor and fix that problem you’ve been praying about for months. Everyone wants the miracle but no one wants the bad situation you have to be put it for the miracle to occur. Think about what God did for Daniel in the lion’s den. In order for God to shut the mouths of the hungry lions’, first Daniel had to be thrown in there. So if you take anything away from this post I want it to be that you need to hold on. I promise you don’t want to miss what God is about to do.

Thanks for Reading,