I’ve been meaning to do a post on this for some time but I’ve just been putting it off. I had to speak on this topic but I’m not sure many people believe in it or truly understand the seriousness of it. Spiritual warfare is alive and well and we are not really fighting the battle the way we should. Are you feeling conflicted about some things in your spirit? Do you not have peace in your mind or in your home? Chances are this is a result of spiritual warfare. Are you willfully committing sin over and over again when you know better? Are you listening to secular music all day? Are you spending basically all your time with people who don’t really honor God with their life? Spirits are real! Even in the Bible we are told that we did not come to fight flesh and blood. Are you having premarital sex? Do you realize you are exchanging spirits with this person and that you are taking on their characteristics? Are you unequally yoked with someone who is a nonbeliever? Maybe you’ve had a child with them and you wonder why it’s not peace in your home or just your life in general. The reason is simple, good and evil are Waring against each other, and until you get rid of those evil spirits, you will not have the peace and blessings you are looking for. I’m not saying to never commit a sin or don’t even speak to someone that is not Christ like but I am saying, guard your heart. I’m not saying you should never listen to any R&B or rap or that you should condemn yourself if you have a slip up in your celibacy walk but I am saying if you leave a open gap, the devil will come in. Plenty of people are out here everyday Waring in their minds with these spirits, trying to do right but these demons in their mind keep attacking them. With knowing this fact, I say treat everyone kind, you never know when their negative demons could rise up and overtake them. Also, be careful who you are talking to, associating with, and definitely who you are allowing to lay hands on you. Just because someone says they are a believer, does not mean they have good intentions. Always remember that it is much better to be alone than in corrupt company. Try to purify your home and your mind and guard yourself against these evil spirits. God cannot speak clearly to you or freely move in chaos.

Thanks for Reading,