I always gain these life lessons in the oddest places. Yesterday I went to target with my son to pick up some groceries. While inside of course he decided he wanted a toy. Most of the time I give into these requests and let him get a small toy. But yesterday my son said he wanted a BIG toy. The toy he wanted was over 30 dollars and I hadn’t come prepared to buy a toy that was so expensive yesterday so I explained to him he could still have a little toy but not the big one. Of course he didn’t like this so he started to cry. This made me think to myself, how many times do we do this to God?

We pray for what we think is this huge blessing like that job you wanted in another state that payed six figures. But, God blesses us with a job somewhere else that has less pay. How many times do we get mad at God for not getting the BIG thing? Did we ever take into consideration if the big thing is really as big as it looks on the outside. God can see the end results of every situation and our entire lives. He knows, what will really be best for us and nine times out of ten its not the thing we really want. Just like yesterday I knew my son had a million toys at home already and Christmas will be here before I know it.  I looked at the big picture but he only knew he wanted the BIG toy now.

Never take the small things for granted. The small things are what really matter and shape us. If you are never a good steward over the small things how can God ever trust you with more. If my son broke every toy I bought, I would have more reason to not buy him bigger toys but since I know this is not the case, I will probably take him back this weekend and get him the big toy. I saw a man today with one arm but he was carrying a ladder on his way to do a painting job. I looked and him and thought wow. I whispered to myself thank you God for letting my have two arms to use. How many of us view something like this as a small thing? Sure its a small thing until it’s gone, then we see how big of a blessing that really was.

Once we got in the car, I promised my son, I would bring him back this weekend for the big toy since he stopped crying and happily took home the small toy. I also took that time to teach him a  life lesson. I told him to be thankful for everything he gets, big or small because someone out there is not getting anything at all. I say all of this to say, in ALL things give thanks. In things big or small. In things good or bad. Thank God always because he will always meet your needs and bless you in the right season. Many times he may not give us the big blessing because we keep sulking over the blessing that we think is too small. Learn to be a good steward over what God has given you so that he can entrust you with more. Remember, everything seems small until we no longer have it.

Thanks for Reading,