This weekend I was in Atlanta Georgia and I got the chance to visit the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Site. It was simply amazing to me. It made me realize so many things we take for granted in this world and how much of a difference Dr. King really made. He basically gave up his whole life in order to advance the world and his race. This concept got me thinking. Many of us devote our whole lives to advancing ourselves. We think about climbing the corporate ladder, starting our own family, and raising our own children. We get our degrees and good jobs and try to become rich or at lease comfortable.

Knowing all this, it makes you think, are we following God’s will for our lives or our own? Has God told you to do these things or to follow this plan you are on, or is this your plan? Most of us aren’t thinking about others. We have this “self made” attitude and we could care less about anyone else. During my visit to the memorial I almost felt selfish. A movie was shown of Dr. King’s final speech before he died. He spoke about what he would want said at his funeral when that time came. He went on to say, not to tell people about all the degrees he had gotten or prizes he won, because really that did not matter. He wanted people know in his dying hour that he gave his life to serving others. He tried to get justice, he tried to clothe the naked, and feed the hungry. Dr. King said these were the important things. Think about how selfless this was?

How many of us would put down our own dreams and follow that plan God has for our lives? Many of us are missing our destiny because we are trying to follow our plan and not letting God have his way in our lives. Dr. King’s life may have been cut short, but look at all that came from this tragedy. I really don’t think he was disappointed about leaving this world early because he did everything God has planned for him and more. I’m sure he had personal goals his self. I am sure he wanted to spend more time with his kids than he was able to, but he put all those selfish things aside to fulfill God’s plan for his life. Even when he spoke of his funeral, all he wanted people to know, was how much he did to help others. With this attitude, he still got fame and notoriety, he still had an abundance of finances. All the things we aspire to have from chasing our personal goals, he got while serving others.

I say all this so that we can inspect ourselves. We need stop being so selfish and start doing God’s work. God will always reward you for following his plan and doing the work for his people. And even though, his untimely death looked like a disappointment,  he made so many beautiful changes in this world. God’s planned prevailed. Personally I am trying everyday to be less selfish and follow God’s plan for my life and I suggest you do the same. Who knows what beautiful places his plans will lead you to. Will you put yourself aside and truth him?

Thanks for Reading,