Have you ever had someone stop liking you for no reason at all? I mean you haven’t done anything to them or y’all had a brief misunderstanding and every since then, they act cold towards you? I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me in life. I would have an old friend that turned against me for basically no reason at all. A co worker fall out with me for nothing or even an ex boyfriend just turn against me. I remember back in the day, I used to think it was something I was doing wrong to make these people turn on me. I used to think that people and things that came into your life were supposed to stay forever but that’s simply not the case. I wish somebody would have taught me this lesson sooner. The same God that opens doors, can also close those same doors. Sometimes God can move an old friend out of your life because they can’t go where he is about to take you. So when people turn against you for no reason at all, please don’t worry about it, it’s not your fault. If you know you haven’t done anything wrong to the person, wish them well, pray for them, and understand their part in your life is over. Just get ready because God is about to elevate you. Don’t let the enemy fill you with fear and make you think you will never find a new friend or a new job or that you’re the one that’s wrong. This is the farthest thing from the trust. God will never take anything from you, without replacing it with something better. Many times the betrayal will bless you. God will use one negative person to promote you and get you to reach to the next level. In reality, very few people or things in your life come to stay forever. They come for a season, teach you a lesson and move on. Be sure not to get stuck worrying about this. Get the lesson and know you did nothing wrong. Be sure to fully understand what God was trying to teach you in that season, so when God is ready to elevate you to the next level, you are fully prepared. Many times God is ready to bless us but he is just waiting on you. So when the hate or betrayal comes, don’t worry about it. Just get prepared because your elevation is here.

Thanks for Reading,