Why do people feel the need to call out the sins of others? Does it make us feel better or do we think we are helping them? I agree that its good to help others and try to put them on the right path if you see them going the wrong way but you should not be purposely looking for a reason to call out someone’s sin. Many so called “Christians” are so ready to point out your sins and shun you away because they don’t want any part of that. But think about this, how can you save souls if you turn away everyone who needs saving? The Bible tells us, Jesus was married to the backslider. By no means am I saying you should be luke warm but you should be lifting up the sinner not condemning them. As the caption for this week says, worry about your own sins. When you stand before God you will give an account for the things YOU did, not anyone else. In the Bible when we see a woman about to get stoned for sin, Jesus tells the crowd let the person without any sin, throw the first stone. No one could throw one because we are all sinning and falling short of God’s glory daily! Yet God’s mercy is still keeping all of us. While you are busy pointing out someone else’s sin, you probably missed a few sins you just committed that you didn’t even know about. Be very mindful of doing this because you could ruin your witness and we never want to turn anyone away from God. This post hit my spirit over the weekend because of an inbox someone sent me on Facebook. I posted a picture of me in a dress with a caption that read, “I might have him selling his soul for me”. Most people know these are only song lyrics but apparently someone missed the note. The person that inboxed me told me that they thought I was a Christian, and why would I want someone to sell their soul for me. I explained to the person that it was not that deep and they took the post out of context. You can never judge anyone’s relationship with God by what they put on social media. You don’t know the love they have for God in their hearts. Most of these people are sitting around waiting to condemn you when you do the first thing they don’t like or that they feel a Christian shouldn’t do. Don’t let people like this bother you. If God didn’t want you to do something, he would convict your spirit about it. He would not send anyone to condemn you about your actions. This person probably committed ten sins of their own that day but felt the need to speak on me. I know God is preparing me for something greater so critics come with the territory. The more attention you attract, the more critics you will have. When I reach the best sellers list, imagine how many people will be critiquing my work. I had to make this post to encourage you guys and let you know that you should ignore people that purposely try to point out your faults or what they believe to be faults. On judgement day, you will give and account for everything YOU do and YOU say. So that means you need to worry about YOU! Run your race and do what God is telling you to do! At the end of the day, God deals with all of us differently and no one can tell you how you feel about God. Sweep around your own front door and try to keep it as clean as possible. Of course you should make it your business to help others and try to save souls but just be sure you are convicting spirits and not condemning others. We do not need another savior, Jesus already died to save us all. Run your race and save as many souls as you can but do not get consumed with the sins of others, you won’t be asked about them, they will!

Thanks for Reading,