Have you ever noticed that when you’re successful and prospering in life people will give you a hard time for no reason? When you have a calling on your life and other people see it, they will try to do anything in their power to push you down an destroy your spirits. I’ve had this done to me by so called friends, co workers, or even family. Sometimes even when I didn’t realize I had any special gifts or talents, people would try to push me down. They did this all because they saw something that I couldn’t even see yet and they were intimidated. This post hit my spirit last night while I watched Cars 3 with my son. I won’t spoil the movie in case you guys haven’t seen it yet but it teaches a valuable lesson. One of the cars that always seemed like a underdog and was constantly put down, came back and won a championship for the team. People had put her down for years only because they never wanted all the hidden talent in her to come out. Sometimes people will put you down out of envy instead of elevating themselves. This is especially true if you are from a small town. Most people who want to elevate and be successful have to leave that town to be successful and expect that crabs in the barrel mentality. As children of God, it seems like we face even more scrutiny from people at times. You could do absolutely nothing to a person, but they just don’t like you because they are jealous. I remember growing up I would hear girls says “I don’t like her because she thinks she’s all that”. In reality they probably thought the girl was all that, but instead of telling her they chose to express hate and pick with her. Sometimes when I go through things like this I wonder why, but then I remember God is in control. To make this lesson personal, at my current job a lot of times they give me a hard time. They knit pick my work way too much and give me more duties than any other member of my team. Then I’m told that I can’t make more than a co worker that doesn’t even have a degree when in four short months, I’ll complete my Masters in Finance. Sometimes its frustrating and one day I wanted to give up and God spoke to me and said, “What they meant for your harm, I will use for your good.” I’ve been holding on to those words every since. I’m still in this situation. I don’t know how God will work it out, but I know he will. This situation along with the movie last night, taught me a valuable lesson. People can try all they like to stop your destiny, but they cannot curse what God has already blessed. The winning car in the movie had been talked down to for years and told she couldn’t race. In the end all those mean words and scrutiny was meant to defeat her, but in the end, that was used as motivation to help her win a hard race. I don’t know what you guys could be going through out there but I’m here to tell you, whatever someone is using for your harm, God is going to turn it around for your good. The bible tells us that ALL things work for the good of them who love God. So whatever you could be facing this morning, stay encouraged. Your situation is going to turn around sooner than you think!

Thanks for Reading,