I had to make this post today because I was informed an extended family member passed away. It made me so sad as it was unexpected. We had just spoke a few days ago via Facebook. So today I had to make a post about pressure. We are all under so much pressure daily and life is so short. You never know when your time could be up. We are all gonna be under pressure all of our lives, that’s just how it is. We will always have bills, always have worries, their is no way around that. Please stop letting this trouble ruin your life. Please don’t miss out on a movie or a walk in the park with your kid because you are stressed about how you will pay some bill next month. You will have bills until the day you die and even after that. These material things we stress ourselves over so much don’t even matter. Also please stop stressing yourself our trying to keep up with the next person down the street or on Facebook. Everyone has their own race to run, and I guarantee you if you could get inside their house you would see that they are not doing too much better than you are. God gave each of us our own lives to live so live yours and enjoy it. Enjoy today because you never know what tomorrow will hold. Cherish experiences and time with your loved ones those are irreplaceable. Please do not stress yourself out because you can’t get your child the latest sneakers all because everyone else is doing it. I cannot stress enough how good it is to free yourself from people bondage. You can miss so many blessings like that. As the quote says, pressure can burst pipes or make diamonds. Pressure bursts pipes when you go around stressed and defeated worrying about problems that God has already solved. Pressure makes diamonds when you continue life and put those worries in the back of your mind and know that God will supply your every need. Life is short guys so enjoy every single day. Tomorrow will take care of itself. So work, learn, grow, love, and live and be that diamond that God died for you to be!

R.I.P Cousin Mary

Thanks for Reading,